Customer Interaction

During the progression of designing and constructing custom scientific or process equipment, we at Labtronix interact extensively with the customer in order to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction with the product. The stages of the Prototype Development Procedure are outlined below. Naturally, not every one of these steps may be required for a particular project. The outline is available as a guide for complex projects.

Prototype Development Procedure


A. Requirements

  1. description by customers/users of overall purpose of the system; which needs will be met

  2. financial considerations

  3. documentation through process flows and system maps

B. Specifications

  1. establishment of measurable goals for the system

  2. analysis and experimentation as needed

  3. documentation through functional deployment chart

C. Conceptualization

  1. development and evaluation of alternative physical configurations for meeting the system requirements and specifications

  2. documentation through an engineering package (detail drawings)

D. Analysis

  1. review alternatives

  2. selection of best fit configuration

  3. final review of design specifications for selected configuration

Prototype Development

A. Construction of prototype
B. Incorporation of design changes (if needed)


A. Component/module performance testing
B. Overall equipment performance review
C. Documentation of equipment performance
D. Establishment of written maintenance procedures